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A SHORT STORY - Inspired By Truth - by Gwen D Hanssen


Inspired by Truth

Written by: Gwen D Hanssen

Once upon a time, there was a group of four people walking down the Pathway of Life in a small town called Religiosity; one named Truth, one named Foolish, one named Wisdom and one named Conjecture.

One day, Foolish became angry at Wisdom because she had a different belief system and ideology than Wisdom. You see, Wisdom had a best friend named Truth that he was very veracious in defending, and when Foolish attempted to get Wisdom to look at Truth in a different light it didn’t go as she had planned. Hence, she began to paint a picture to the small group of how Wisdom had mistreated and wronged her. In essence, she began to spin a tale of her victimhood at the hands of Wisdom. Wisdom said nothing, but kept walking in pace, silently, but with an acute awareness that his good friend Truth would always rise to the occasion on his behalf.

In the meantime, and as the gulf between Foolish and Wisdom became more and more vast, Foolish kept ‘rattling’ to anyone and everyone along the way who would lend an ear to her very dark, avenging behavior. Foolish felt safe because she had always relied heavily on her old friend Conjecture for support and validation. Oh, how Conjecture had always been a very dear friend to her, always loving her, always caring for her, because Conjecture, you see, was an absolute pro at helping her to spin her incomplete stories. Foolish and Conjecture became fast friends as they so craftily shared their wonderful one-sided stories that would cause their listeners to form the exact opinion that they so desperately wished for all to have. “Oh, this is just so wonderful!” they would exclaim. “We are so happy together! We are helping others to see Truth the way we see him and Wisdom will soon fall by the wayside.” It seemed as though they would change the world, or at least their own small world in the town of Religiosity as they deceived more and more people with their lies. To make matters worse, they even went digging for ‘dirt’ on their opponent, Wisdom, to try and find new stories to even further support their cause. Unfortunately, for them, they came up empty handed and couldn’t find a thing except for a few old worn-out stories that had circulated from many years ago. Oh, but, no, that didn’t stop them in the least, they were oh so happy to regurgitate old rumors and gossip to give themselves validation and accomplish their mission of proving just how horrible this person, Wisdom, really was and how his defense of his friend, Truth, was wrong and way out of line.

In spite of all of this and the success that Foolish and Conjecture seemed to be having, good ol’ Wisdom kept walking in pace with his good friend, Truth; never wavering, and always having total confidence that he and Truth would endure to the end, no matter the cost.

One day, Wisdom, felt himself absolutely despondent and in total despair because it seemed as though Foolish and Conjecture were getting the upper hand in ripping his character and testimony to shreds with their vengeful and hateful stories. It was unimaginable to him that everyone in their small little town of Religiosity (and now even beyond the borders) could not see through this non-sensical charade. To his dismay, he had found himself in a miry cesspool of intense degradation, all at his expense, and all because of his defense of his friend, Truth. Wow! What a number Foolish had done on him! It all seemed unthinkable and so confusing!

At that very moment, Wisdom had an epiphany. He still hoped beyond hope that everyone would just open their eyes and look at this more objectively, without tainted eyesight, and as a result see the diseased root system that had produced such hate towards him. Nevertheless, and regardless of the outcome, he became very aware in that exact moment of time that, in essence, Foolish and Conjecture were not his enemies, but were actually his friends. Otherwise, he could have never learned such great and valuable lessons, and gained such priceless, eternal treasures. It was then, in an instant, that he fell to his knees in repentance for ever having despised the hammer that drove the nail. The result? Peace, absolute peace, because he found true freedom in fellowshipping a suffering that he would have otherwise never known.

Today? Wisdom is grateful for his enemies, Foolish and Conjecture. He has learned that they are simply being used as a tool in the Master’s hand. He has learned that as long as his hands are clean and his heart is right before God, then he can rest in knowing that because he stood for his good friend, Truth, then Truth will always stand for him.

Ultimately, Wisdom will bear the fruit of being a sanctified vessel of honor, whilst Foolish will also bear the diseased fruit that hangs on her tree. As the old saying goes, “Truth will always rise to the top.” It may take time, oftentimes longer than expected, but the fruit of a person’s life will be made known. Make Truth your best friend. You won’t be sorry. He is a great defender of those who defend Him. Through the hardships and valleys of contending for Truth, Wisdom wouldn’t change a thing! Be wise, choose and guard Truth!

-Gwen D Hanssen-

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