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A TRUE MOTHER - by Paul M Hanssen

A TRUE MOTHER – Mother’s Day - May 10th, 2020 – by Paul M Hanssen

Since the beginning of time there have been millions upon millions of women in this world who have given birth to a child. However, there has not been, neither are there today as many mothers as there are woman who have given birth. Giving birth to a baby does not qualify a woman to be a mother.

The noun “mother” does indeed mean to give birth to. However, the meaning of the noun mother goes far deeper than that. The word mother means to bring up (a child) with care and affection. It also means the art of mothering, to look after kindly and protectively. The art of mothering has nothing to do with giving birth. To be a mother is a gift, a calling and an art. Mothering has to do with mentoring, showing affection and care, and providing protection from the storms that hover over. Jesus Himself, the great example of all things, exhibited the nature of a true mother.

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not! (Matthew 23:37)

Jesus mourned over Jerusalem because they had refused the motherly wings of affectionate protection and loving care that He had come to spread over His people. A true mother does not smother. To be clear, there is an ungodly “motherly spirit” in the church today that pries into other people’s business and attempts to gain access and control into people’s personal lives. This is not a mother. This is called a busybody. (1 Peter 4:15, 1 Timothy 5:13). This type of spirit is not a blessing but rather a curse.

A true mother, on the other hand gathers under her wings. As in the case of Jesus, He came to gather. His gathering was not by force, but by leadership and example. He said, “Come and follow me.” The word gathered means to lead into, to take in and accompany. A mother will walk with her children. A mother will accompany her children into the things of God. A mother will lead and not push, even though a real mother can, and in some cases should use forceful love. A mother will be an example. These are some of the traits of a true mother.

There are many mothers in the world today who have never physically brought a child to birth. They are mothers because they have “gathered children together under their wings” through prayer; by leadership; by being an example; by sharing care and affection; and by walking with their children in places that no one else may want to walk.

We honor our mothers today! May all of the mothers who have spread out their wings and given shelter to a weary soul be blessed today, beyond measure. May all of the mothers who have ministered to their children by leading them through life as a living example find new strength and courage to continue walking a road that few wish to travel.

Mothers, WE LOVE AND HONOR YOU. Keep on spreading your wings and gathering your children. Your labor is not in vain. Eternity will reveal who the true mothers are.

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1 Comment

Jeff V
Jeff V
May 09, 2020

Powerful description of a true, godly mother! 👏

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