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Revelation 14:1 KJV

And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father's name written in their foreheads.

The scene of John's vision described in Revelation fourteen gives us a nutshell glimpse of our destiny and purpose. Many start their journey toward the vision of eternal destiny, but few set out aiming for the purpose of the destiny.

John saw Mt. Zion, God's eternal resting place and throne room. Upon Mt. Zion stood the Lamb - the Bridegroom, The Son of God.

Mt. Zion is the destiny of those who are called and chosen by God since before time began. Zion is the stronghold to be conquered. Zion is the pre-'destined' position and dwelling place of them who reach and claim its pinnacle. Zion is the High Place, the Holy Hill, and the foundation of the Temple of God. There is no place like spiritual Zion.

However, even though Zion is the destiny, it is not the purpose of the journey. Zion is the destiny that has been set before us, but its grand locale is not the purpose nor the reason for reaching its heights; rather, the Lamb of God is the purpose. Without knowing the purpose, the destiny is void and empty. The Lamb fills the destiny with purpose. Reaching for the Lamb, loving the Lamb, walking in relationship with the Lamb, and bearing the fruit of our union with the Lamb is the purpose. Without the Lamb there is no purpose! Ultimately, it is the union with the Lamb that brings us to the Father. (John 14:21,23)

Verse one of Revelation fourteen contains two words that are mostly ignored when this powerful verse is read. The two words I am referring to are "with Him". In John’s vision, he sees a company of people who have reached their destiny, Zion. They have reached the high and holy predestined place unto which they had been called. But not only that, they have also reached and fulfilled their purpose - they stood with Him, the Lamb.

To be "with Him" means to accompany and to be walking in the same direction. To be "with Him" is to be united with and to be joined with. This great company of 'bridal fruitfulness' has no other object in the vision of their destiny; the Lamb is the object, He is the reason, and He is the purpose!

I encourage you, dear reader, to ask God to grant you a greater vision of your destiny. But also ask Him to give you a greater vision of destiny’s purpose. The race, the journey, the struggle, and the war experienced while pressing on to the high calling of your eternal destiny has little meaning when the Lamb is not the object and the center of your vision. It is the Lamb with whom the Bride falls in love. The very marriage feast which is soon to take place in Heaven is called “the Marriage of the Lamb”.

Do you know the Lamb? Can you describe Him? Does the very mention of His Name pluck at the strings of your heart causing love melodies to vibrate through your being? King Solomon wrote about a day in which the daughters of Jerusalem enquired of the espoused bride concerning her Bridegroom.

What is thy beloved more than another beloved, O thou fairest among women? what is thy beloved more than another beloved… (Song of Songs 5:9)

The espoused bride’s response was immediate as her words and description of the Beloved, the Lamb, burst from her heart. From His head down to His feet, she described him with such detail and accuracy. She described His color, His head, locks and hair. She spoke of His eyes and His cheeks, His hands, belly and His legs. She said that His countenance was excellent, His mouth was sweet, and that He was altogether lovely (Song of Solomon 5:10-16). How could she describe Him in such minute detail? She, had been “with Him”.

Is the Lamb your vision? Is He the purpose of your destiny? Is He your aim and goal? Have you been ‘with Him’ enough that your heart bursts with loving descriptions of His beauty and majesty at the mention of His Name? He is altogether lovely! There is nobody like Him – Jesus, the Lamb of God. Reach for Him!! Be “with Him”!

Pastor Paul M Hanssen

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