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THE POINT OF THE SWORD -2- by Paul M Hanssen


By Paul M Hanssen

A few weeks ago, (around midnight on March 11, 2023), the Spirit of God spoke into my ears concerning the “point of His sword” that was about to be seen, felt, and experienced in our nation, and throughout the globe. (You can read what I wrote about that here – (

The “point of His sword” is indeed being evidenced in our land today. God always begins His dealings with mankind by touching his possessions; houses, vehicles, finances, and such the like. It is sad to watch the lives of humans being ripped up and devastated as we are witnessing today. Thousands of homes have been destroyed in the past two days by violent tornados, winds, and storms and it is not over yet. As I write this article, 15 have been reported to have died as a result of the tornados that have touched down in multiple states. The destruction is unprecedented. Hundreds of tornado warnings have been issued today while 215 tornados have already been reported. Also, 245 lightning strikes have been reported in the past 24 hours. While all this is going on powerful and destructive storms are predicted to hit the East Coast in the next day or two.

Is God speaking? Are we witnessing the “point of His sword” touching our nation? Is this the continuation of the “beginning of sorrows” that the world began to witness during the Covid-19 pandemic? Some would call all of that heresy and nonsense. Some just shrug it off. Others don’t care, while some, and I hope many, will take heed, bow the knee and seek God for His ultimate purpose to be accomplished, first of all in them personally, and secondly in our nation and in our world. We must take heed!

On April 23rd, 2020, I posted an article where I shared a series of visions that the LORD had given me during the period of April 1 to April 15. Below is a portion of what I saw and shared at that time:



I further saw winds, storms, and hurricanes such as have never been recorded in modern day history. Many of these storms will take place in the most unlikely of places. Many islands of the seas will be wiped out due to massive storms, hurricanes and floods. Tornados the size of small cities will pass over areas of the USA, as well as in other places and countries where tornados are not the norm. Some of these storms will also carry massive hailstones that have the potential to kill anything living that the hailstones may strike. Strong and forceful winds will also devastate coastal communities in the US and Asia in particular.


I saw the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in the process of “making a decision”, and afterwards giving an order, that will, in coming days, greatly affect other nations in a hurtful and devastating way. In this same vision, I saw Mikhail Gorbachev, the former and final president of the Soviet Union, stand on Putin’s left side and warn him to not make this decision as he, Gorbachev, considered President Putin’s decision to be a mistake. Putin, however, with his left hand raised and a finger pointing, gave a command whilst not listening to the advice that he had been given. I do not know, as it was not and has not been made known to me, what the decision was or how it will affect other nations. The glimpse that was given to me in this vision was that a decisive decision was made and an authoritative command given by Russia’s current president that will both puzzle and rattle nations beyond the borders of Russia and will ripple throughout the international community.


I saw money, lots of money, being burned in a huge fire. It is my interpretation that the economies of the world will soon reach a place of no return. The strength of national economies will be “burned up”, as it were, and no longer carry any power or security. Devastating events, such as what the globe has just experienced with the coronavirus, will hit the economies of nations and will deplete national treasuries of their wealth. Man’s greed for wealth and power will be touched and shaken by the very finger of God. As this transpires, new banking systems will be put in place in order to prepare the world for a unified digital currency. This process has already begun!


Mankind always seems to find a way to develop an answer to pestilences, plagues and diseases that befall him. However, I see such things coming on the earth that man, in all of his wisdom and technology, will not be able to cure. Diseases, in particular, will increase in the coming years that will kill millions of people. The coronavirus which has recently shaken the globe will seem like a walk in the park when compared to that which is coming.

The nations of the earth, and more particularly the global church in general, has not taken heed and heard the warning signals and the trumpet blast that has been given by the Spirit of God through the coronavirus outbreak. The present pandemic has not brought the peoples of the world to their knees. In spite, God is not One to give up. He will continue knocking until an awakening takes place! A spiritual awakening amongst God’s people must take place prior to His return. That which God’s Word declares must be!

To read the entire vision click here: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

God, in His mercy and grace, is calling. I believe His Spirit is about to move in the earth in a way that will awaken hearts and bring about a reviving and refreshing in the midst of the darkness and judgements being witnessed throughout the global society.

Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord (Acts 3:19).

Repentance precedes the times of refreshing! Refreshing means recovery of breath (recovery of inspiration), and revival. Revival must come, revival will come, but the people of God must find themselves in the position before God’s Throne in order for God to do that which He desires to do. He is going to move where there is genuine repentance. When “breath is recovered” mankind once again becomes filled with the fiery inspiration of God’s Spirit. This will bring about a change in our worship, service, ministry, and walk with God.

Man’s pride has risen like a stench in God’s nostrils. Pride is the downfall of man. Pride was the downfall of Lucifer. Pride has caused kingdoms and kings to fall. Pride has destroyed homes, marriages, relationships, ministries, and churches. Pride has killed the anointing and ripped the mantles that God has placed upon His servants. We MUST humble ourselves before God and repent of our pride that has risen against God and His purpose. Pride will kill you, but humbling one’s self before His Throne produces life.

Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time (1 Peter 5:6).

This is the season! God will move but we, His people, must move to our knees first!

May God have His way in our land, our world, and moreover in our personal lives.

-Paul M Hanssen

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